Welcome to the PurS3 Lab

The goal of Purdue Systems and Software Security Lab (PurS3) is to secure modern systems by providing principled yet practical solutions to various security problems.

We are looking for passionate new Ph.D students, Postdocs, interns, and Master students to join the team (more info) !

We work on all kinds of systems, including Mobile, IoT, TrustZone, etc. Our research spans various areas such as Vulnerability detection and Mitigating, Secure system development, Hardware Security, Type-safe languages, Software Diversity, and, Rehosting, to name a few.

We hold a weekly reading group, where we read both academic and non-academic articles related to various topics related to Computer Security.

Our home is Purdue Univerisity, one of the leaders in security research and education.

We are grateful for funding from following sponsors.


May 2022

Our GWChecker paper got conditionally accepted to USENIX 2022 - Congratulations Sid.

May 2022

Our DynStat paper got conditionally accepted to DIMVA 2022.

March 2021

Our Arbitrar paper got accepted to IEEE Security and Privacy (S&P) 2021 (2nd paper at the conference).

July 2020

Aravind will be joining as an Assistant Professor at Purdue Univeristy.

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